with leading artists of the musical scene

Piano: Ian Fountain (London, UK), Bertrand Giraud (Paris, FR), István I. Székely (Madrid, SP), Pablo Galdo (Madrid, SP), Nicholas Walker (London, UK)

Violin: Erika Geldsetzer (Berlin, DE), Richard Ireland (London, UK), György Pauk (London, UK), Adrian Justus (Mexico City, MX)

Viola: Blerim Grubi (Skopje, MC)

Violoncello: Yang Wen-Sinn (Munich, DE), István
Varga (Budapest, HU), Penny Driver (London, UK)

Flute: Wally Hase (Vienna, AU), Anna
Garzuly (Weimar, DE)

Voice: Anna Korondi (Berlin, DE)

Composition: Noah Max (London, UK)

Conducting: Noah Max

Orchestra: Noah Max

Location of masterclasses

Pipacsvirág Elementary School Telki

Kodolányi János Community Centre and Library Telki

Location of masterclasses
Telki: Pipacsvirág School and Kodolányi János Community Center and Library

Opening Ceremony: 25th July 8 pm
Final concert: 4th August 8 pm
Location: Kodolányi János Közösségi Ház és Könyvtár


Application fee: 40 EUR (active) or 10 EUR (passive)
Active soloists’ participation fee: 480 EUR

– 4 solo lessons in 60 mins duration with one or two chosen professors
– Performing on our concerts
– We worship music making with others, so we would like to encourage you to take on 
   an extra commitment and apply for chamber music coaching as well. You can create
   your own group with other participants or we help to find you one. There is an extra
   cost of 80 EUR for this option, which includes two couching sessions and a performing
– Possibility to apply for orchestral workshop and/or choir (free of charge— in case of
   sufficient demand)
– Join our wellbeing community with everyday sports and Mindfullness workshops
   (Yoga classes, morning runs, table tennis, and whatever we feel like doing is waiting
   for us here!)

It is possible to apply for a second instrument/specialisation. In this case you will receive 3+3 lessons and there is a discounted price of 650 EUR total for this option. + ALL ABOVE MENTIONED (plese note that taking part on the competition is only possible with your first specialization!)

You can book 3 hours of practice time every day on the spot.

Active chamber music groups’ participation fees: 600-800 EUR 

Duo: 600 EUR, Trio: 700 EUR, Quartet: 800 EUR – 4 lessons, each 45-60 mins duration with one or two chosen professor  + ALL ABOVE MENTIONED

Passive listeners: 110 EUR
– unlimited access to any masterclasses

Passive listeners with extra concert tickets (festival pass): 160 EUR
– unlimited access to any masterclasses + all concerts and events of the festival

Early bird: 25th March — 20% off all course fees!
Regular: 30th April
Late applications: 30th May — no guarantee for accommodation at our local hotel, you likely have to sort it our by yourself

For Hungarian Nationals there is a 30 % discount on all fees except for accommodation and meals at Globall Hotel