The Altalena Music Community‘s flagship events are the Altalena Music Festival and the Summer Academy, where leading figures from the music world come from Budapest, London, Berlin, Vienna, Weimar, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Skopje, Skopje and Mexico City to give masterclasses and world-class concerts for young musicians of outstanding talent in a friendly community.

Since the first festival in 2014, Altalena Music Festival has grown into a year-round cultural presence in the region, bringing world-class chamber music and solo performers to beautiful and intimate venues in the Alpokalja region, and later, since 2019 in Telki, one of the very special small towns in the neighbourhood of the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The annual highlights are the Altalena Music Festival and Summer Academy, which attracts leading musicians and professors from Budapest, London, Berlin, Vienna, Weimar, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Skopje and Mexico City, and a masterclass series for young professionals.

Becoming a Friend, Patron or Sponsor of Altalena Artists’ Alliance will give you the opportunity to become more closely involved with this special organisation, to meet the artists, attend rehearsals and, through your support, help to ensure that we can continue to put on chamber music, orchestral and solo concerts of the highest quality.

Whether you choose to become a Friend, Patron or Sponsor we promise to:

– give you advanced notice of all our events in the Altalena Music Festival and Summer Academy as well as all our House concerts or recitals in Hungary or in other countries

– send you a complimentary Altalena Music Festival programme and acknowledge our support in the

– invite you and your partner to our annual reception for Friends of Altalena

– Give you priority booking for all concerts of Altalena Music Festival

– Keep you updated about our activities with a regular newsletter

  • Individual: Min: 10 EUR/
    month or 100 EUR/year
  • Joint: 20 EUR/month or 200
  • Individual: Min: 30 EUR/
    month or 350 EUR/year
  • Joint: 45 EUR/month or 520

Additional benefit:

The opportunity to sit in on rehearsal of programmed works

  • Individual: Min: 80 EUR/
    month or 900 EUR/year
  • Joint: 100 EUR/month or 1000/year

Additional benefits:

  • Choose your seats first at
    any of our concerts
  • Enjoy two glasses of wine pre-concert or after
  • An invitation for two to join the musicians for dinner during our festival
  • Min. 200 EUR/month or 2000

Additional benefit:

  • the opportunity to choose which concert to sponsor
  • Invite our Altalena young musicians into your home once a year for a private house concert
  • Join our private house
    concerts and dinners twice a
    year in Telki organised
    specially for our sponsors

Student sponsors provide bursaries for the young musicians attending our Summer Academy, ensuring that we can take highly talented musicians regardless of their financial situation.

To support an individual you may choose from more options:

  • Supporting the course fee: 480 EUR
  • Supporting Accommodation: 300 EUR, or being the host for the student is also a great help if you live in Telki or nearby
  • Supporting the course fee and accommodation: 780 EUR
  • For a chamber group the course fee is: 600 – 800 EUR
  • Depending on whether it is a duo trio or quartet, the accommodation varies between: 600 – 1200 EUR

Many individuals or groups would be grateful also for a partial support depending on your possibilities.

Festival Benfactors are our special group of supporters who help secure the future of the festival by committing to a major donation annually for three years or more. If you are interested in becoming a Festival Benefactor, we would be happy to contact you to discuss further details.

Additional benefits:

  • Get free tickets for other house concerts
  • Get free tickets for any Altalena events organised over the years of support (concerts to be expected at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, at Budapest Music Centre, at Magyar Zene háza and at the Hungarian Radio.)
  • Join unlimitedly for all our Festival and Summer Academy events public or private

Forge a personal relationship with the Altalena by providing leadership philanthropic support and enjoying highest ticket priority, special invitations, unique benefits, and greater access to the art form you love.

The International Council is a group of philanthropists and sophisticated art lovers from around the world who come together to celebrate music and support Altalena.

Council membership begins with an annual commitment of 15.000 EUR. In appreciation of the members’ ongoing support, Altalena designs an exclusive three-day program of performances and special events for the Council each season.

The purpose of creating this group is to supply sufficient funds for the Altalena Artists’ Alliance to manage the preparation for the annual festival and summer academy, and build our international network across the globe resulting in more performance opportunities for our exceptional talents.

We are looking for at least five dedicated donors from five different countries to form our exclusive International Council team.

If you are willing to become a member of our International Council team, carving your name into our history, we would be grateful to meet you and discuss further details.

The Festive 3-Day Annual Meeting Includes:

Special Access

  • Pair of premium seats for four concerts
  • Meetings with Altalena leadership and Altalena Board members
  • Exclusive passes to rehearsals, including work-together sessions with living composers

VIP Events

  • Private recital with major artists
  • Dinners with major artists and the Altalena team
  • Cocktail receptions and parties in private homes

And More

VIP ticket priority all season, a dedicated staff member to assist you on all our events, prominent  recognition in all Altalena publications, and all other benefits at the Festival Benefactor level.

The minimum donation for this category is 15.000 EUR/year for at least two years from the start of donation.

The minimum donation for this category is 25.000 EUR/year for at least 3 years from the start of donation.

Diamond members represent our festival in every 2-5 years by taking the financial responsibility for our annual festival and its preparation.

In every 2-5 years the festival will bear your name, and you would have the freedom to choose the place where you want the festival and summer academy to take place.

With the help of our international network we are able to organise events from Asia through Europe and the USA to South America…

The approximate need of donation in your chosen year would fall between 50.000 – 100.000 EUR depending on your possibilities and the place of the event you wish to choose.

If you’d wish to become our only Daimond Member and give your name to our festival for a longer time, we will be the happiest to make your dreams come true with the assistance of our fantastic management team and wonderful artists.


We are delighted to recieve your application to become our highest-level supporter!

Thank you for your support!

You are making a real difference in not only our festival’s history, but for all the individuals and audience involved. We wish to fulfil your dreams through art!